claymay83 (claymay83) wrote in community_fic,

Years in the Making (1/?)

Title: Years in the Making (1/?).
Author: Claymay83 here, Hypnotoad76 on
Spoilers: sprinkled references to episodes throughout
Rating: PG for now, later chapters PG-13
Word Count: 3663
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Note: This is a long term AU fic where Jeff and Annie are the same age and meet as children, and grow up together. It begins during the summer of 1994 when Jeff and Annie are small kids, and will extend through the end of high school, and possibly beyond. While Jeff and Annie are the main focus, other Community characters will appear throughout the story. Most characters (in particular the main study group members) will be within the same age range, though it’s possible that a couple more minor characters might show up as adults.

And of course, I once again have to thank Crittab for beta reading this chapter for me.
Tags: character: annie edison, character: jeff winger, character: original (female), character: original (male), community, fanfiction, pairing: jeff/annie, rating: pg
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